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Created in the North-East of Scotland.

Combining Education and Entertainment.
About Training Apps

Training Apps (TRAPPS) was established in May 2011. At the time of update (October 2011) there have been 18 trapps created for use at this website and for download from Apple's iTunes App store (including TRAPPS1 a compilation of 6 other apps).

These Apps are designed to give easy practice for learning particular skills or items of knowledge, from Maths operations to learning about the elements of the periodic table.

It is expected that an increasing number of Apps of similar format (usually multiple-choice to test and train the user) will be developed. I would like to see these Apps helping students in classrooms throughout the world, and also by practice at home and on the go through mobile devices.

Often we learn by practicing for short periods daily - using these Apps on our mobiles devices, regularly, will train us the skills presented and the knowledge required.

Trapps are developed using FLASH Professional on a Windows Personal Computer and uploaded to iTunes for retail. Any platform that supports Flash Professional can, in theory, run these apps for free, "simply" by downloading the files. Future Apps may well be developed using Apple's XCODE®.

Alex Watt
Born, bred, living and working in the North East of Scotland, I qualified in 1982 with a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I worked for over 20 years as a software engineer with diverse industries including: Construction, Oil and Gas, Military, Energy, as well as commercial. I qualified as a Maths teacher and worked from 2006 to 2011 in secondary schools in Aberdeenshire teaching Maths. I have recently found a position as a lecturer in Electrical and Electronic Engineering which I am looking forward to take up. I started TRAPPS with a view to "keeping my hand in" in software development and my knowledge of technology up to date. I am also committed to further the use of technology as an educational platform, a firm believer of "Active Learning", where we take it upon ourselves to further our own learning. I would also like to think that these Apps can also generate revenue and pay for the initial capital outlay and ongoing maintenance/development of apps and this site.

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All trapps are subject to Apple's standard licensing agreement. Copyright is protected for Alexander Watt 2011. Although every effort is made to ensure correct functionality, this cannot always be guaranteed. Please ensure that the trapp is suitable for your use, remembering that they are targeted to train students in getting over a particular area of difficulty. We cannot provide refunds as it is anticipated that once the trapps have been used for a while, the student will become more proficient in the area they previously found difficult thereby making the need for the trapp redundant. Feedback is welcomed in terms of adding functionality to downloaded trapps, which could be made accessible at no further cost from Apple's App Store. Apple, iPod, iPhone, iTunes, iPod touch are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. Adobe, Flash, and Flash Player are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated. GeoGebra is a registered trademark of GeoGebra, Inc.
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