Part of the beauty of these trainers is their free-to-use availability at home or in the classroom. Where there is a PC and Browser, and particularly suitable for Interactive Whiteboards, the trainers can be viewed online and/or their SWF files can be downloaded to the local computer for ongoing use.

For Teachers
This allows random generation of questions for students, secure in the knowledge that there is a valid answer. For example, with factorising, you can be sure that the random quadratic that is displayed can be factorised and the answer is one of the four shown.

Lesson Idea
One lesson strategy for using the trainers:
With the trainer on screen, options presented are A, B, C, and D.
The class can either use "show me" boards, or 
cards lettered A, B, C, and D.

With each question the class has to show their answer to the teacher.
This tests individual student's understanding and supports formative assessment and corrective teaching.

Accessing the trainer online.
Go to the appropriate trainer page (e.g. Music).
Click on the image for the online version (e.g. Guitar Trainer picture).

The displayed version works exactly the same as the version that can be downloaded to the iPod touch from the iTunes App Store.
Multiple instances are also available where there are highlighted titles above image.

Downloading the trainer
Go to the appropriate trainer page (e.g. Maths).
Right-click on the limage for the online version (e.g. factorisation).
Save the target to the local computer.
Thereafter, without the need to go online, as long as Flash is installed on your computer, the trainer is freely available to use. Multiple copies of the trainer can be run on screen for multiple problems for students.

Flash Support
Adobe's free to use Flash Player® can be downloaded to support use of trainers in the classroom. See your school IT technician if required. Note that using Internet Explorer, the Flash ActiveX control may be disabled by your administrator. Workarounds have been put in place but there may still be incompatabilities when trying to open the Flash files. Please email me at the address below if your are finding difficulties using the Apps via your browser.

Queries and Suggestions for Improvement
Feel free to email me at I will endeavour to assist as quickly as possible.

This website is undergoing continuous improvements, so please check back often. Having started in May 2011 it is the intention that will be maintained and running for years to come. Please put this website amongst your favourites. And please pass this link on and tell a friend...

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All trapps are subject to Apple's standard licensing agreement. Copyright is protected for Alexander Watt 2011. Although every effort is made to ensure correct functionality, this cannot always be guaranteed. Please ensure that the trapp is suitable for your use, remembering that they are targeted to train students in getting over a particular area of difficulty. We cannot provide refunds as it is anticipated that once the trapps have been used for a while, the student will become more proficient in the area they previously found difficult thereby making the need for the trapp redundant. Feedback is welcomed in terms of adding functionality to downloaded trapps, which could be made accessible at no further cost from Apple's App Store. Apple, iPod, iPhone, iTunes, iPod touch are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. Adobe, Flash, and Flash Player are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated. GeoGebra is a registered trademark of GeoGebra, Inc.
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