Development Theory

Why iPod touch, iPhone (and iPads)?
The first reason for dedicating trapps for these devices is security. When we deal with pupils, we need to acknowledge the need for a safe environment. To publish an iPhone App, Apple's review process is stringent, and ensures the Apps are appropriate for the target audience. Apple also provides the infrastructure to securely manage payments.

The second reason for using these devices is their build quality and reliability. They are superb devices to own and use. The operating environment allows any user a quality interactive experience.

Why Adobe Flash?
Flash Professional is an excellent tool for developing cross-platform interactive experiences. Its support for multimedia enables the provision of rich user applications. When I develop a trapp for the iPhone, I automatically create a Flash file with the exact same functionality that you can download and use freely and preview on these web pages. Flash is supported worldwide with the free Flash Player download.

Flash also provides for future compatability with other mobile devices. It is expected that further devices like Blackberry will be supported. If you have a device that you would like to see these apps on, please email me at, thanks.

Layout of these apps
These training apps are deliberately kept free from clutter. When students struggle with a topic they are reluctant to engage with example questions as they don't have much confidence in their answers. They have heard the explanation from the teacher but it seems out of reach. With a trapp on the iPhone, the student is happy and comfortable to play with the simple elegant interface.  With the multiple choice options for answers, they can gradually come to terms through practice with the meaning behind the theory. They begin to connect and they gain confidence to move on.

All trapps are subject to Apple's standard licensing agreement. Copyright is protected for Alexander Watt 2011. Although every effort is made to ensure correct functionality, this cannot always be guaranteed. Please ensure that the trapp is suitable for your use, remembering that they are targeted to train students in getting over a particular area of difficulty. We cannot provide refunds as it is anticipated that once the trapps have been used for a while, the student will become more proficient in the area they previously found difficult thereby making the need for the trapp redundant. Feedback is welcomed in terms of adding functionality to downloaded trapps, which could be made accessible at no further cost from Apple's App Store. Apple, iPod, iPhone, iTunes, iPod touch are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. Adobe, Flash, and Flash Player are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated. GeoGebra is a registered trademark of GeoGebra, Inc.
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